TSI Military Weapons Storage Cabinets

Military Weapons Storage Cabinets (M16/M4)


TSI Universal Weapons Cabinets are designed for organized, high density weapon storage. The Weapons Cabinets can stand alone, double-stack, back-to-back or mount onto TSI High Density Mobile Storage Systems and can be incorporated into a complete evidence or armory storage solution.

For rapid deployment and transporting the TSI Universal Weapons Cabinets can be attached to our Single or Double Capacity Deployable Bases. The TSI Cabinets have a small footprint of 44"W X 15"D allowing secure weapons storage for even the small law enforcement offices or where space is a premium. You can securely store M2's, M4's, M16's, M60's, M203's, M240's, M249 SAW, Javelins, shotguns and handguns vertically or horizontally using specific components. The steel-hinged security gate allows for both weapons security and direct sight inventory. The TSI Secure Weapons Storage Cabinets will accommodate fully accessorized weapons with scopes, optics, lighting, grenade launchers, etc. Because of our patent pending Rhomboid hook universal back panel and components, reconfiguring is quick and easy. Optional heights for longer weapons, M240's, XM107 Sniper Rifles, etc. are available.

Truck or van mounting for mobile weapon transporting is available upon request. The heavy duty all steel construction and security features fulfill the military AR190-11 and OPNAVINST 5530.13C small arms storage requirements. Combining Browning, Colt, Glock handguns with Heckler & Kock MP5's, Colt M4/M16's, and 500 Mossberg shotguns in the same TSI Weapons Storage Cabinets is no problem.

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