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72 inch rack
72" weapon rack
with multiple weapons
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TSI Weapons Storage has become the weapon storage system of choice for Police Departments, Sheriffs' Departments, and Military Arms Rooms across the country. All of the TSI Weapons Storage Products and components are constructed with all steel construction. Our perforated steel doors allow for visual inventory. Our two distinct product lines, TSI Universal Weapons Cabinets and TSI Universal Weapons Racks, are the most flexible and versatile available. Our products are designed to secure any size rifle, shotgun, or handgun including storage for the M2 50 cal.

72 inch cabinet
72" weapon cabinet
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From the small rural Sheriffs office to the largest Military Armories, the TSI Weapons Storage product line allows for multiple sized rifles and handguns to be stored efficiently. TSI Weapons Storage is component based which allows for a Remington 870 shotgun placed next to a Colt M4 with attached optics and flashlight next to the M249SAW. Space for weapons storage is always an issue; however, with the small footprint of our secure weapons storage and the ability to double stack up to 8.5 feet vertically is an ideal answer to space constraints.

The TSI Universal Weapons Rack is the ideal solution for forensic/crime labs, arms rooms, and evidence storage. Pistol Storage is available using our Handgun Pacs or our new Pistol Peg System. Our Pistol Storage accommodates most 9MM Handguns, including Browning, Colt and Glock. All of our Weapons Storage Products are designed for our mobile carriage systems when high density weapons storage systems are required. Whether you are law enforcement, military, correctional facilities the TSI Weapons Storage products can accommodate any weapon storage needs.



Spec Sheets for Weapons Rack and Weapons Cabinet (pdf)
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72 inch rack 72 inch rack 72 inch rack 72 inch rack
3 72" racks with
multiple weapons
72" rack with multiple
Interchangeable Components
4 72" racks
Customer Application
72" rack with
Handgun Pacs and Storage