Weapons Racks

Universal Weapons Racks

GSA Approved Weapons Racks for Military, Police, Sheriff and Law Enforcement

The Universal Weapons Rack was designed to accommodate and store most types of small arms requirements. Specifically used in secure areas such as armories and vaults whether on a large or small scale. The system grows in modular method so that you may initially start with one unit expanding to however many units are required. The universal weapon panels simply stack on top of one another, connected with small steel posts. The Universal Weapons Racks can house rifles, shotguns, shorties, PDW's and handguns, etc., vertically or horizontally. An example would be the ability to housing M16A2 rifles one above the other vertically or horizontally in a mixed configuration. It will easily accommodate the tallest sniper rifles such as the .50 cal M107, which is 57 inches tall. Thus configure this rack in whichever manner is most efficient and desirable for your own use. In addition this system is effortlessly and very rapidly installed.


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  • U.S. manufactured
  • All-steel construction
  • Quick & easy assembly
  • Secures to the wall
  • Weapons stored with optics & accessories attached
  • Units are 44" or 84" high x 44" wide
  • Custom heights available
  • Continuous, side-by-side mounting
  • Flexible for small arms storage to include the M4, M16, M240B, M249, MK19, Mortars, M2, MP5, shotguns and more
  • Multiple handgun styles
Interchangeable Components

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TSI Weapons Storage has become the storage system of choice for Police Departments, Sheriffs' Departments, and Military Arms Rooms across the country. All of the TSI Weapons Storage Products and components are constructed with all steel construction. Our perforated steel doors allow for visual inventory. Our products are designed to secure any size rifle, shotgun, or handgun including storage for the M2 50 cal.

Pricing. TSI has competitive pricing and customer service designed to ensure our clients receive the best service after the sale. We have been in this business for years with a model that encourages our customers to stay with us for years. Ask for our military and law enforcement pricing by calling us toll free at 1-877-593-5888 or by completing our form on the contact page.

TSI Universal Weapons Cabinets are designed for storage of any size rifle, shotgun, handgun or personal defense weapons stored vertically or horizontally. Components are secured inside our all-steel cabinets and can be configured in any manner you require. Save space by stacking one rack on top of another and back-to-back. Easily configured or re-configured when the need arises. Choose from two different standard-height cabinets and a host of interior components to configure your cabinet into a custom solution for secure weapons storage.

TSI Universal Weapons Racks were conceived to answer the need for flexible small arms storage. House your weapons vertically or horizontally with attached accessories such as scopes and grenade launchers. These racks are only 15 inches deep and can be located anywhere that space is at a premium.

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